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Contract Appraisal - Variation And Dispute Resolution




Contract Appraisals


In our experience most disputes can be sourced to misunderstandings of the contract terms and conditions. We review, advise, and negotiate on risk, procedures, and unfair terms in your contract before signing to reduce costly disputes as the project matures.



Variations -


It's an unfortunate inevitability that most projects require variations during the build, it's also a point when most disputes come to the surface. Our expert team advise on and prepare post contract changes (negotiating where necessary) and assisting in reaching agreement and payment terms that work for all parties.



Dispute Avoidance and Resolution -


Our expert team have vast experience in solving the financial headaches that disputes cause to your business so that you can focus on what it is that you do best...


We advise, prepare and defend construction claims







Who we are


We are a highly experienced team of success driven 'legal' construction specialists and quantity surveyors.


Whether you are a Tier 1 main contractor or sub-contractor our 'claims background' of providing expert contractual advice on both sides of the divide mean that from inception to final account under a range of complex contractual arrangements, we understand how to solve time challenged projects in the most economical way.


Our team of specialists around the UK is constantly growing so that we can respond quickly to any situation you may have in any territory across the UK.




What we do


We review and advise on your contract before it's signed, so that you fully understand its obligations to avoid costly losses from signing up to onerous clauses.


If you've experianced a unforseen variations from the core contract, resulting in a payment dispute over time and costs, we'll review and negotiate the additional costs and payment for you.


When you've endured losses due to delay and disruption or  had damages deducted, our team will assess the issues, advise what your options are, and defend or prepare your claim to gain the most positive outcome..




3 Ways We Can Help You


Contract Appraisals

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Post-Contract Variations

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Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

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